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M&B Services Sees its Support of Neighborhood Projects ‘Essentially the Definition of Community’

Monday, May 8, 2017 @ 12:05 AM

Posted by Chris Rossetti

Dugout 2CLARION, Pa. (EYT) – Calling it “essentially the definition of community,” M&B Services continues to support various organizations across the Clarion and Brookville area.

(Photo: One of the dugouts at the Minor League Field at Paul A. Weaver Park that M&B Services helped build last year)

The latest project the company is working on is helping Clarion Borough repair the major cracks in the borough pool located next to Clarion High School so that the pool can open for the season.

At last week’s Clarion Borough Council meeting, the council approved a contract in an amount not to exceed $7,000.00 to slow down/stop the leaking in the pool. According to councilman Ben Aaron, the amount not to exceed $7,000.00 is just a fraction of what the project will really cost and that M&B Services is donating the rest.

According to Clarion Borough treasurer Todd Colosimo, he expects the actual cost to the borough to be significantly less than the $7,000.00, and Mike Hindman, owner of M&B Services, confirmed that saying he would be surprised if the bill to the borough was any more than $2,000.00, even though the project will cost the company more than that to complete.


“My (business) partner, Braun Gourley, and I both have young children, and we both grew up here and have lived here our entire lives,” Hindman said. “We are third generation to this area and believe kids need to have something to do. Anything to do with activities, keeping kids involved, team sports, any exercise in general, we are pretty enthusiastic about.”

This isn’t the first time M&B Services has stepped up to the plate to help the borough at the pool, according to Colosimo and Hindman.

Colosimo said the company helped install the handicap lift at the pool.

“We donated labor and material to install the handicap lift to keep the pool compliant,” Hindman said. “We do it not just with the borough but with quite a few different things in the area.”

Last year, M&B Services helped build new dugouts for the Clarion Little League at the lower Minor League field at Paul A. Weaver park donating all of the concrete and blocks for the project while also helping with the project itself.

“It means a lot,” Clarion Little League president Brian Smail said. “Not only is it great to have them for resources and advice, they do a lot of sponsorships with us. They sponsor a team, signs and really their own expertise in construction. They make me look good. Having people, not just M&B but others as well, that no matter the fundraiser and the project you can count on, is so important to us. Something like the dugout project is out of my realm of expertise but is another day at the office (for M&B Services). It means the job gets done correctly, gets done right. We used to have old wood dugouts at the Minor League field, the ones that were from the Little League field. These new ones will stand for 30 years without blinking. It’s outstanding what they have done for us.”

M&B Services donations to community projects aren’t just in Clarion.

According to Hindman, the company has done a lot of projects in the Brookville area as well.

“We have donated a lot of gravel, concrete, and things in Brookville,” Hindman said. “We have also been involved in Boy Scouts projects in Clarion and Brookville.”

One of those Boy Scouts projects the company helped with can be seen every day at two locations in Clarion – at the corner of the Clarion County Courthouse at 5th and Main Street and between the Clarion Free Library and the Clarion Area Chamber of Business & Industry office just west of 7th Avenue – where two Historical Interpretive Panels are located.

nick Cherico1


Nick Cherico (pictured above) constructed the panels as his Eagle Scouts project.

“Mike Hindman met with me numerous times to go over the project,” Nick told in July of 2016. “He was happy to help me out and scheduled it with his other jobs. If I ever needed anything, Mike was a phone call away. I worked with very knowledgeable employees from M&B Services until completion.”

While M&B Services does a lot of community service projects, the company generally keeps them quiet. For example, the pool project and the Little League project didn’t come to light until the Clarion Borough Council meeting Tuesday and the research on this subsequent story.

“We do a lot of things,” Hindman said. “But, we are generally quiet about it. We don’t see the publicity.”

“We think it’s very important for us to donate our time and money. It’s essentially the definition of community. We are all here to help and support each other. We are very fortunate to be able to do. I’m glad we can help.”

For more information on M&B Services, visit

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