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Clarion Area Reviews Football Co-op Draft, Asks for Additional Meeting with C-L to Tackle Concerns

Thursday, December 6, 2018 @ 12:12 AM

Posted by Ron Wilshire

clarion-areaCLARION, Pa. (EYT) – Discussion concerning a cooperative football program between Clarion Area, Clarion-Limestone, and North Clarion inched closer at the Tuesday night meeting of the Clarion Area School Board.

A draft agreement was reviewed, but board members felt there were still some questions related to proposed merger and another meeting with the C-L Board was proposed to tackle additional concerns such as costs and how they would be distributed between districts.

The committee that developed the draft agreement included Mel Aaron (Clarion-Limestone principal); Brandon Bell (Clarion-Limestone AD); Dave Eggleton (Clarion-Limestone coach); John Kimmel (Clarion Area principal); Nancy Mills (Clarion Area AD); Larry Wiser (Clarion Area coach); and Bonnie Wolbert (North Clarion AD).

“There was some feedback from the public at the meeting, and C-L is reviewing that same draft,” said Clarion Superintendent Mike Stahlman. “It was created by a committee of the principal, athletic director, and coach from the schools. My understanding is that  C-L would like to have a vote from both boards by January 15.”  

“After some discussion at the meeting, a decision was made that our board president will reach out to theirs and try to pull these two groups together.  We’ve had two board members meet with two from their school board and then meetings with the principals, ADs, and coaches and, rather than running parallel courses, we need to pull that together and iron out the details, so we can be prepared to make that final vote. I don’t think anyone is close-minded to any changes as long as we do it right.”

NOTE: No action was taken on the following draft agreement:

Cooperative Sponsorship of Varsity Football Clarion Area School District, Clarion-Limestone Area School District 

The purpose of this agreement is to permit the students of Clarion-Limestone Area School District to participate in the football program of the Clarion Area School District. 

The term of this agreement shall be for two (2) years (2019-2021 seasons) with a review in November of 2019 to determine if the cooperative sponsorship should continue. If agreeable to both school entities, a request to continue the cooperative sponsorship would then be submitted to the District 9 Committee in December of 2019 for approval and presentation to the PIAA Board of Control at the February 2020 meeting.

Clarion Area and Clarion-Limestone Area School Districts agree:

  1. To permit students attending Clarion-Limestone Area School District to participate in the football program operated by the Clarion Area School District as recognized by PIAA.
  2. That Clarion-Limestone Area School District or the parents of Clarion-Limestone Area participants are responsible for providing transportation to designated practice and departure sites as identified by Clarion Area School District. If necessary and/or agreed upon, Clarion Area School District or the parents of Clarion Area participants are responsible for providing transportation to Clarion-Limestone School District for any contests or events which are scheduled to occur on Clarion-Limestone property.
  3. That all Clarion-Limestone Area and Clarion Area participating students will travel with the team to and from events utilizing transportation provided by Clarion Area School District and will follow the Clarion Area Athletic Handbook for transportation procedures unless the event occurs on Clarion-Limestone Area School District property.
  4. That Clarion-Limestone Area School District will provide a flexible time schedule, whenever necessary, for participating students to be part of the total football program.
  5. That all students who choose to participate shall abide by all rules of eligibility as established by their respective districts.
  6. That all students who choose to participate shall abide by all PIAA rules and regulations, including but not limited to eligibility.
  7. That during the football season, all participating students are subject to the same expectations, rules, and demands – including but not limited to required insurance coverage, physical examination, impact testing, and others outlined in the athletic handbook developed for the individual sport.
  8. That all criterion regarding awards and letters shall be established by the head coach.
  9. That Clarion-Limestone Area participating students eligible to letter in football will receive an athletic letter from Clarion Area School District. Any eligible football player from Clarion-Limestone who has never received an athletic letter for a varsity sport in the past will also be awarded such letter from Clarion-Limestone.
  10. That Clarion Area Athletic Policies shall apply to all matters relating to the football program and this agreement. The Clarion Area Board of Education, in consultation with Clarion-Limestone Area School District, shall have the final authority on any matters of dispute that cannot be resolved by the administration of the participating schools.
  11. That the facilities to be used will be Clarion Area facilities or those secured by Clarion Area for all practices. Home interscholastic events will be hosted as mutually agreed upon by both Clarion Area and Clarion-Limestone Area Districts. Each school shall host no fewer than two games per season.
  12. That Clarion-Limestone Area School District agrees to allow for the use of existing equipment utilized by the Clarion-Limestone Area Football Team, by the Clarion Area Football Team with the understanding that if the cooperative agreement between schools is terminated the equipment will be returned.
  13. That parents of Clarion-Limestone Area participants may become members of and participate in the Clarion Area Football Booster Organization.
  14. That the name of the team shall be the “Bobcats” and the colors shall be orange and black. This item will be included for review in November of 2019.
  15. That staffing and program changes shall be done by the authority of the Clarion Area Board of Education.
  16. That scheduling and arrangements for interscholastic competition shall be handled by Clarion Area School District.
  17. That Clarion Area School District will host Clarion-Limestone Area students in their football program at a yearly, per athlete cost to be calculated by taking the cost of program operation and dividing it by the number of participating athletes.

In order for this agreement for cooperative sponsorship of football to be binding, officials from the participating schools must sign below. It shall be the responsibility of the Clarion Area School District to provide necessary copies to the PIAA District 9 Chairman. 

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