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Letter to the Editor: ‘Stop the Hate; Make America Great Again’

Sunday, December 1, 2019 @ 12:12 AM

Posted by exploreClarion

20191125_145555The following letter on “Stop the Hate; Make America Great Again” was submitted to the editor:

Open letter to my neighbors, family, friends, and fellow Democrats:

Our nation is dying, and it is we Democrats in part who are killing it.

We condemn Republicans and Trump supporters for hate, racism, bullying, etc., and etc.

We accuse, attack, denigrate, and outright assault anyone who dares wear a MAGA hat.

Do you not realize? Every time…. Every time we do this, we ensure Trumps re-election.

It is actions like this from us, not them that got us Trump in the first place.


The America we see today was not caused by Republicans, Trump supporters, or even Trump himself; the America we see today was caused by us, the American people long before Trump even considered running for president.

Trump, his supporters, and the GOP are not the only problem with America today. They are only the symptoms of the disease; we Democrats ARE the disease.

And, if you think “Vote blue no matter who” or “anyone but Trump” will make America better again, think again.

It is that thinking (that) got us Trump. Remember “Anyone but Hillary”?

I am a Democrat. I support Pete Buttigieg. But, I believe most of the other Democrat candidates would be worse than Trump for this nation.

And, I wear a Make America Great Again hat.

It’s not from an official supplier because I will not allow my money to support Trump. I don’t wear it to support Trump, I wear it because I believe in America and that we can be once more what we once were.

I support immigration and believe there ought to be reasonable and humane limits, laws, and processes relating to it.

I have no time or tolerance for racism, bigotry, or discrimination of any kind.

And, I do not condemn, harass, attack, assault, hate, or humiliate others because they are Republican or Trump supporters.

And, I DO NOT view a hat with a message of hope as a symbol of hate.

Donald Trump may have commercialized and merchandised the phrase Make America Great Again, but Ronald Reagan, a much greater president than Trump, is the one who coined the phrase.

It is not for them that I wear it, though.

For me, it is a message of Hope.

Hope that one day, America can still be not only the greatest that ever was, but the greatest that will ever be.

But, to do that, we Democrats need to finally realize we have become a greater evil than the evil we claim to fight against.

If we are ever to Make America Great Again, we must first root out and destroy the evil that has grown in us. We must stop the spread of evil that WE are causing. Only then can we be the shining example we claim to be.

We need more Democrats wearing Make America Great Again hats instead of assaulting others because we view them as a symbol of hate.

It is our own hate that is making them a symbol of hate; it is our own hope, and peace, love, and mercy which will turn that perceived symbol of hate into a symbol of hope and begin the healing of our divided people.

“Stop the Hate; Make America Great Again.”

By Daniel Paden

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of

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