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Deer Creek Winery Blog: 22 Wines to Try in 2022

Tuesday, March 8, 2022 @ 12:03 AM

Posted by exploreClarion

dcw-blog-1-1024x683SHIPPENVILLE, Pa. (EYT) – Let’s face it there’s so many different wines out there. There’s several blends of different grapes, fruits, and even several wineries with their twist on a classic wine.

There’s over 35 wineries in the NorthWest region of Pennsylvania, so going to all of them and trying every single wine can seem impossible. That’s why we’ve made a list of 22 of our favorite wines for you to try in 2022. Some will be our signature wines from Deer Creek Winery and some of our neighboring wineries. Here’s to finding your new favorite wine in 2022! Cheers!

Fredonia Grape Based Wines

  • Shippenville Red: This 100% Fredonia grape wine from Deer Creek Winery is your classic sweet red table wine. It’s not overly powerful that dry wine drinkers can’t enjoy it.

Niagara Grape Based Wines

  • Fryburg White: This 100% Niagara grape wine from Deer Creek Winery, is one of the sweetest wines they offer. It has a strong grape taste and is similar to your classic table white.
  • White Sizzle: If you’ve already tried the Fryburg White from Deer Creek Winery, then you’ll love their White Sizzle. It’s Fryburg White with a pop! This carbonated 100% Niagara grape wine is like a sweet champagne perfect to celebrate all special occasions.

Catawba Grape Based Wine

  • Pink Catawba: Pink Catawba from Penn Shore Winery and Vineyard is produced from the Native American Catawba grape. This is a very fruity pink wine with a pleasant sweet flavor.
  • Fawn Catawba: This 100% Catawba grape wine from Deer Creek Winery is a medium sweet blush wine with a green apple finish.

Steuben Grape Based Wines

  • Sunset Steuben: This 100% Steuben grape wine from Deer Creek Winery is perfect for those with a semi-dry pallet. This blush wine has hints of  a Grapefruit finish.
  • Strawberry Sunset: If you’re looking for a little bit of a sweeter Steuben wine, then Deer Creek Winery’s Sunset Steuben is for you. The base of this semi-sweet wine is the Steuben grape with a blend of natural strawberry. This seasonal wine can be found freshly bottled in the springtime, perfect for the start of warmer weather.
  • Sublime: A sweet Steuben wine from Cellar ‘54, that is light and fruit-forward, and can also present a tangy finish. Bold jammy structure with fruit characteristics of strawberry, raspberry, and cranberry.

Riesling Grape Based Wines

  • Berry Wild Sangria: The base of this sweet wine is Riesling with added notes of Raspberry, Blueberry, and Apple. This wine was created when a tank of Riesling was sweetened by accident! There was a greater plan because this is now one of the most sought after wines at Deer Creek Winery.
  • Lemon Drop: This semi-sweet lemonade style wine is a new Deer Creek Winery favorite. Made from Riesling grapes with added lemon this wine is perfect for summer. It’s seasonally rebottled in the spring for you to enjoy for a limited time!

Seyval Grape Based Wines

  • Rocky Ridge: 100% Seyval grape wine, a dry white wine with a crisp citrus finish, similar to Sauvignon Blanc style wines. A wine named after the rocky terrain surrounding Deer Creek Winery.
  • Abominable White: White wine made from the Seyval Grape, that has been sweetened. This signature Christmas wine from Deer Creek Winery celebrates a new bottling just before the holidays and is displayed in a festive blue bottle.

Merlot Based Wines

  • Merlot: Found at most Pennsylvania wineries, 100% Merlot grape wine from Pennsylvania Grapes is naturally sweeter than that of California style Merlot. Some wineries choose to ferment this wine in oak barrels. Other wineries, like Deer Creek Winery do not, which gives it a smoother finish.
  • Black Bear Brew: This semi-dry wine from Deer Creek Winery is Merlot based with espresso and caramel undertones. Seasonally bottled in the winter, this wine is perfect for a cool day.

Raspberry Based Wines

  • Red Raspberry Splash: This sweet wine from Libations Winery is a dream dessert wine. This wine complements chocolate and cheesecake alike. If you want it all, just drizzle over ice cream!
  • Deer Creek Raspberry: 100% Raspberry wine is the signature and first wine ever made at Deer Creek Winery.

Aurora Grape based Wines

  • Starry Night: This sweet blend of Dragonfruit and Aurora grapes from Deer Creek Winery, they just transitioned it from their seasonal list to their yearly. Sweet with a smooth finish, and not overly fruity.

Apple Based Wines

  • Grandma’s Apple Pie: This sweet blend of Apple wine, mulling spices, brown sugar, and hints of caramel is a winter favorite at Deer Creek Winery. They celebrate a seasonal botting every fall, and serve it chilled or warmed up like cider.
  • Apple Wine: Apple Wine from Davenport Cidery & Winery is sweet and fruity. A clean blend of 100% Davenport Fruit Farm Apples.

Blueberry Wines:

  • Blueberry Blush: Blueberry Blush from Foxburg Wine Cellars is a bold and sweet distinctive fruit essence.
  • Buck Run Blue: 100% Blueberry wine from Deer Creek Winery is a drier fruit wine with a strong fruit taste.

Tea Based Wines

  • Summer Brew: The #1 selling wine at Twisted Vine Winery, this tea wine is made for anytime, anywhere, served over ice.
  • Sweet DC Tea: Made with freshly brewed tea and raspberry wine, Sweet DC Tea is a seasonally bottled wine at Deer Creek Winery, perfect for summer.

2022 is a year to try new things! This year make it your goal to make the trip to Deer Creek Winery and visit us for our calendar events throughout the year, live music weekends, book a trip to their Inn B&B, or come and just celebrate life with a glass of any of our lovable wines listed above! We hope to celebrate with you soon!

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