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Clarion County Native Brinnalyn Bish Creates Holistic Marketplace for Mind, Body, and Soul

Wednesday, April 27, 2022 @ 06:04 AM

Posted by exploreClarion

brinnWILMINGTON, N.C. (EYT) – Clarion County native Brinnalyn Bish found a way to bring a unique, holistic outlook to online marketing for handcrafted products.

Bish, who founded Odin’s Intuitive Apothecary, describes it as a “holistic online marketplace that curates handcrafted products for the mind, body, and soul.” It is featured in several stores in Wilmington and around the Clarion area, and it works with those stores to make products that directly appeal to its customers.

For Bish, the road to Odin’s started in 2011 when her family got terrible news.

“Cancer struck our home and nearly devastated us when the pillar of our family, our mother, was diagnosed with cancer,” Bish said. “It doesn’t run in our family, and our mom does not smoke or drink, so we had to look at other environmental factors. That’s when we realized nearly everything on the market, soaps, different cleaners, and so on, have a high risk for cancer. That’s when we began our herbalistic journey.”

Bish’s mother created Siebka Soaps & Essentials, and Bish helped out with that while she lived in Pennsylvania, calling herself her mom’s sidekick. Then, she moved to North Carolina, doing other work. Her “best friend,” her dog Odin was in the hospital, and Bish needed a way to focus her attention on something other than his health issues.

“I thought, ‘I’m going to create something good for him so that his memory lives forever, and he continues to brighten lives the way he brightened mine,’” she explained. “And, here we are.”

“Here” is Odin’s Intuitive Academy, where people can find holistic health and life coaching. Bish’s overall goal is to help people find comfort and healing through different products and art. On the Apothecary website, Bish said she weaves Norse paganism, Wiccan culture, Law of Attraction, and other elements into unique products.

“I am a huge nerd!” Bish said. “I feel that through westernization of culture, we lost the basis of what spirituality is. Everything is distorted and commercialized. My brother and I went on a siblings’ trip and were able to see an authentic Viking exhibit. Many Vikings were Norse Pagans, and I find the apothecary to be a good opportunity to lightly educate others with fun facts and knowledge about our ancestors. The products we use are natural, organic, and a lot of education and research has gone into them. If you know me, you know I always have a backpack of books, and I’m eager to learn new things that will benefit my community.”

For Bish, aromatherapy and essential oils are very personal. For example, she created the “Migraine Melt” for Brookville’s iMAGINE Hair Studio. Bish said the owner suffered intrusive and debilitating migraines, so that was designed to help her. In addition, Bish developed “Renegade,” which is a muscle-relaxing blend created for a dancers’ studio to help the dancers’ sore feet. That is not the end of her new products, however.

Odin’s Intuitive Apothecary Essential Oils.

Odin’s Intuitive Apothecary Essential Oils.

“I am currently researching blends for nausea during pregnancy for one of my best friends,” Bish said. “I am so blessed to be surrounded by loving, supportive people who inspire me daily to continue to create and pursue my passions. Aside from family, I was taken under the wing of Mia Cocca in North Carolina. She is the owner of Axes+Allies and was the first to collaborate with Odin’s Intuitive Apothecary. Aside from this business, she has worked with me to create fundraisers for amputees, as well as promotes Wagon Tails Farm Rescue, a wonderful rescue organization in North Carolina. She reminds us we are our only limitations, and we are also capable of creating and achieving whatever we set our mind to.”

That relationship grew in ways other than businesses.

“On a cool note, Mia added ‘axpert’ and ‘knife thrower’ to my list of quirks,” Bish said. “My stand at Axes probably generates the most attention with the moisturizing Epsom salt samples in each bathroom.”

Odin’s Intuitive Apothecary Epsom Salts.

Odin’s Intuitive Apothecary Epsom Salts.

On the academy side, Bish works to teach people that there are no losses in life, only lessons.

“They’re able to have everything they need with the proper mindset,” she said. “It’s a daily effort, and everything boils down to intention. I want to be able to create a brand that has the ability to join the community in a variety of ways, inspire others to embrace their mental health and self-care, and positively influence others through action and altruistic intentions.”

That altruism expands to Odin’s online presence. They partner with local businesses and charities in Wilmington to do “Geocaching for a Cause,” which places information about charities or businesses at several of Wilmington’s 1,000 geocaching locations. They also work with Friends of Felines with “Stoked on the Water,” and the “Plastic Ocean Project” with Panacea Brewing Company. These events feed into the “collabs” on her website, where she soon hopes to have connections with several breweries, restaurants, pet lodging and grooming establishments, and personalized bath and body care products for Airbnbs.

“My collaborations are intuitively chosen,” she joked. “Business owners see a need for a customizable product that they can offer to their clients. I give them marketing help, I create the logo and designs, and I do the production. In return, I am able to have a small space in a local business to feature my products. They allow me to have a physical presence in the communities I serve and personal touch to their existing line-ups. I’d love to branch this into Clarion and positively impact the place of my roots. I have the legwork and templates done and can manage the virtual organization from NC, I just need someone that wants to spearhead the movement from PA.”

She is open to new collaborations or products and encourages people to reach out if they have questions.

“I’m always open to direct messages and emails,” she said. “Look for us on social media or email me at [email protected] I hope my customers feel a sense of purpose when participating in the events we share. And, I hope they grow into their self-love knowing they’re investing in themselves and their futures.”








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