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Braxton White’s Commercial for Fetterman Attracts National Spotlight

Friday, June 10, 2022 @ 05:06 AM

Posted by Ron Wilshire

FB_IMG_1654727755347SHIPPENVILLE, Pa. (EYT) – Ever since John Fetterman, the Democratic U.S. Senate candidate, released his first two television commercials on Monday, Braxton White, an Army veteran, and Clarion Area School board member, has been in the national spotlight for his appearance in one of the 30-second commercial, saying Fetterman is a politician who doesn’t “just talk.”

(Pictured above: “Two and a half men”- John Fetterman with Braxton White and son Will from a photo last year.)

While the glare is bright when television news and other media focus on Fetterman and his Republican Candidate Mehmet Oz, White isn’t fazed and keeps his priorities straight.

“It’s wild to see myself on TV, but I’ve got so many bigger things to be proud of,” White said. “I’ve got a smart and compassionate eight-year-old son, an amazing wife, and lots of great friends. I’m privileged to be twice elected to the school board of the best district in Pa., Clarion Area School District, with eight other uniquely qualified and passionate board members, a strong supportive administration team, and teachers who go above and beyond every day.

“We have an outstanding group of paras, classroom aides, maintenance staff, secretaries, and cafeteria workers who are the unsung heroes of our school. It’s just an incredible thing to be a part of. I can’t say enough how much I love this community of ours. When it comes to this ad though, I’m just happy to support John in his run for Senate however I can.”

The Fetterman campaign purchased two spots on Fox News in the Pittsburgh, Scranton, and Johnson markets that will run from Tuesday through June 14, according to Politico. A campaign spokesperson said Fetterman’s team has spent $250,000.00 for the weeklong ads, adding that “we plan to re-up the buy weekly as the GOP attacks keep coming.”

White met Fetterman in 2016 during his first run for U.S. Senate.

“I was pretty disaffected by politics at the time, but the way he helped turn Braddock around as mayor really resonated with me and even inspired me to run for school board.

“The issues the community of Braddock has dealt with aren’t all that dissimilar to the ones facing Clarion and the rest of our rural region: disappearing manufacturing jobs, blighted infrastructure, and increased poverty. John got his hands dirty and spent 12 years as mayor addressing these issues head-on, which is not only an authentically Pennsylvania thing to do, but desperately needed now more than ever.”

White feels that Fetterman cares about places like Clarion County which have been written off by Washington for decades.

“He wants us to get back to making things in Pa., so we can have family-sustaining jobs we can be proud of,” continued White. “He wants to get the money out of politics, so corporate lobbyists stop buying our representatives off. Not only does he want to make healthcare more affordable, but he wants to make sure we have access to it in rural Pa. which is just as critical to people around here.”

Screen Shot 2022-06-08 at 8.40.34 PM

Braxton White for Fetterman commercial.

Fetterman has been a frequent visitor to the Clarion area for years.

“This is so important. We have heard lip service from politicians promising the world and not only failing to deliver, but not even granting us the decency of showing up. John, though, not only has a history of delivering, but he shows up again and again and again because he actually cares.”

Despite a recent heart attack, White said Fetterman looks great, sounds great, and he’s getting better every day and is sure he will soon be seen again in Clarion.

The appeal of Braxton’s spotlight commercial is more of a blue-collar approach. Braxton is proud of his trade background and is an instructor at Triangle Tech.

“There are good-paying jobs in our area and all anyone needs is some training and a good work ethic to change their lives. I get a lot of satisfaction helping people find a career in the trades.”

What’s next for Braxton White?

“Time will tell, but whether it’s as a Clarion Bobcat, fundraising for the Tri-County Animal Shelter, or some other form of service, my heart and my passion will always be in Clarion.

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