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Local Man Accused of Causing Ruckus, Threatening Officers at Clarion Borough Bar Due in Court Today

Tuesday, November 28, 2023 @ 12:11 AM

Posted by Jacob Deemer

courtCLARION CO., Pa. (EYT) – A hearing for a local man who reportedly caused a scene at a Clarion Borough bar and then threatened police officers is scheduled for Tuesday morning.

According to court documents, a preliminary hearing for 38-year-old Robert Leroy Ashbaugh Jr., of Clarion, is set for Tuesday, November 28, in front of Magisterial District Judge Duane L. Quinn.

Ashbaugh faces the following charges:

– Terroristic Threats W/Intent To Terrorize Another, Misdemeanor 1

– Use/Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia, Misdemeanor
– Possession Of Marijuana, Misdemeanor
– Resist Arrest/Other Law Enforcement, Misdemeanor 2
– Institutional Vandalism Education Facility, Misdemeanor 2
– Disorderly Conduct Engage In Fighting, Misdemeanor 3
– Public Drunkenness And Similar Misconduct, Summary
– Harassment – Subject Other to Physical Contact, Summary

He is currently free on $5,000.00 monetary bail.

Details of the case:

According to a criminal complaint, Clarion Police Officers were dispatched to a bar at 540 Main Street/S. 6th Avenue in Clarion Borough for a male unconscious from an assault around 9:25 p.m. on Thursday, October 5.

Officers arrived on scene and found the man, identified as Robert L. Ashbaugh Jr., standing next to the 6th Avenue entrance. Ashbaugh had a cut on his head and blood was visible near his right ear. Officer Wright and Officer Scheckler informed Ashbaugh that he was bleeding and needed to seek medical attention for his injuries. Ashbaugh told the officers that he didn’t want assistance and “wanted to go home,” the complaint states.

According to the criminal complaint, Ashbaugh had a strong odor of alcoholic beverages on his breath, along with slurred speech and glassy, bloodshot eyes.

“He also kept being argumentative towards officers when they were requesting him to seek medical treatment,” said Officer Sheckler in the complaint.

Ashbaugh then allegedly became forceful towards the officers. He stated that he didn’t want to go to the hospital; he wanted to go home.

Officer Scheckler told him Ashbaugh wasn’t going home, and Asbaugh again allegedly became belligerent towards the officers and attempted to “back away.” Officer Scheckler then grabbed Ashbaugh’s arm and told him he was under arrest for public drunkenness, the complaint indicates.

Officer Scheckler then handcuffed Ashbaugh and escorted him to a police car. Officer Wright and Officer Foust attempted to speak calmly with Ashbaugh while informing him that an ambulance was going to transport him to the hospital. The ambulance personnel checked his injuries and also agreed he should seek medical treatment.

“They even spoke with the doctor about Ashbaugh’s injuries and it was decided he needed to go to the Clarion Hospital for treatment,” said Officer Sheckler in the complaint.

Officer Scheckler went to the complainant, the owner of the bar, and asked him about the incident. The complainant said that Ashbaugh started to “get belligerent inside the bar,” so they stopped serving him and asked him to leave. Ashbaugh left without incident.

Approximately one hour later, Ashbaugh returned to the bar. When he attempted to enter the bar, the complainant stopped him and said he wasn’t permitted inside. Ashbaugh became upset with the complainant and “made comments about fighting.” A customer was also standing outside the entrance of the bar and Ashbaugh started to speak with him. The customer told Ashbaugh to go home and he became upset with the customer and wanted to fight him, the complaint states.

The complainant got between them and told Ashbaugh to leave. Ashbaugh then shoved the complainant back, and the complainant pushed back. Ashbaugh went down the ramp towards another bar employee, who escorted him off the ramp. At this time, a red truck with an unknown occupant stopped and exited his truck, walked over to Ashbaugh, and punched him one time in the face and Ashbaugh fell to the ground unconscious, the complaint indicates.

This is when the complainant called 9-1-1 for EMS and police.

At the scene, Ashbaugh allegedly continued to be uncooperative with medical personnel, the complaint notes.

Ashbaugh’s daughter arrived at the scene as officers were attempting to transport him to the Clarion Hospital. She was speaking with her mother as Officer Scheckler explained that they were headed to the Clarion Hospital and would need to release him with someone who was sober. At this time, arrangements were made for his release, according to the complaint.

While waiting to leave the scene, Ashbaugh became irate in the back of the patrol car and head-butted the partition. Officer Scheckler told Ashbaugh to stop and warned him that he could face institutional vandalism charges. Ashbaugh said he “didn’t care and wanted to go home,” the complaint states.

Officers left the scene and were transporting Ashbaugh to the Clarion Hospital for treatment when Ashbaugh became agitated again. He allegedly started to threaten Officer Foust and made a comment about “pulling the trigger on him,” the complaint indicates.

Ashbaugh again head-butted the partition, and another warning was given, the complaint notes.

According to the criminal complaint, Ashbaugh “kept challenging Officer Foust to a fight” and wanted the officers to remove his handcuffs so he could fight him. He also continued to be belligerent towards Officer Foust, calling him derogatory names numerous times, the complaint states.

Once at the hospital, Ashbaugh was placed on a bed while nurses and doctor came to check on his injuries. Ashbaugh continued to make comments about fighting Officer Foust, again calling him derogatory names to the point the nurse and doctor asked him to settle down. Officer Scheckler also gave him numerous warnings, according to the criminal complaint.

Ashbaugh was given medical attention and was told he needed to have his lip repaired. He repeatedly refused treatment. Ashbaugh then became upset and yelled loudly in the emergency room that he wanted to “go the (expletive) home,” according to the complaint.

Ashbaugh then stood up, but Officer Scheckler grabbed him. Ashbaugh then told Officer Scheckler to get his “(expletive) hands off of him.” Officer Scheckler then forcibly set him on the bed and this upset Ashbaugh as he started to threaten Officer Scheckler, the complaint alleges.

The Clarion Hospital ER released Ashbaugh and officers walked him to the police car before transporting him to the Clarion Borough Police Department. While in transport, he head-butted the partition again. Officer Scheckler later looked in the back seat area and found a spot of blood on the floor in the area of where he hit he partition, the complaint states.

Upon arrival at the Clarion Police Department, Ashbaugh was walked inside the station to the holding cell. Officer Scheckler walked him into the holding cell and attempted to remove his handcuffs. However, Ashbaugh became upset and shoved Officer Scheckler. Officer Scheckler pushed Ashbaugh to the holding cell wall and ordered him to stop. Officer Foust then took his key and removed the handcuffs and Ashbaugh was secured in the holding cell, the complaint indicates.

While in the holding cell, Ashbaugh allegedly pulled out his vape pen, smoked it, and blew the smoke directly into Officer Scheckler’s face. The smoke smelled like marijuana, according to the complaint.

Officer Foust and Officer Scheckler began to search Ashbaugh. Ashbaugh put his hands in his pockets and refused to comply. The officers were required to forcibly pull his hands out of his pockets because he refused to comply with their orders. It turned into a struggle to a point where the officers lifted him off the floor, the complaint notes.

The officers were able to remove his hands and complete the search. The vape pen was located in Ashbaugh’s front right pants pocket. Ashbaugh later told Officer Wright that it was THC and he doesn’t legally possess a medical marijuana card, the complaint states.

Officer Scheckler completed the criminal charges on Ashbaugh. While completing the criminal charges, Ashbaugh became upset and wanted to go home. Officer Scheckler informed him he was going to the district magistrate to be arraigned on criminal charges. He then kicked the holding cell numerous times, the complaint indicates.

Ashbaugh then requested to use the restroom. After he used the restroom, he was returned to the holding cell where he punched the wall, the complaint notes.

Ashbaugh was arraigned at 2:00 a.m. on October 6 in front of Judge Quinn.

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