Man Sentenced in Scheme to Steal Fuel from National Guard

Joanne Bauer

Joanne Bauer

Published January 1, 1970 12:00 am

United States Attorney Booth Goodwin announced yesterday’s sentencing of Charles Raymond Franklin for his role in the theft of hundreds of gallons of diesel fuel from the National Guard’s Naval Special Warfare Ops Stock Program.

The Naval Special Warfare Command (the Command) is a component of the United States Navy that commands, trains, equips, and deploys squadrons to support naval operations around the world. The Command contracted with the West Virginia National Guard to store and maintain equipment, including diesel fuel, for naval use.

Franklin, 60, of Red House, West Virginia, pleaded guilty in October 2013 to receiving stolen government property.

From May 2012 until March 2013, Franklin purchased hundreds of gallons of stolen diesel fuel, at a fraction of its market price, from Matthew Brock, a West Virginia National Guard contract employee. Franklin received more than $14,000 worth of diesel fuel from Brock.

Brock previously pleaded guilty and was sentenced to probation for four years for stealing the diesel fuel from his employer.

Franklin received a sentence of 24 months of probation for purchasing the stolen fuel.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation conducted the investigation. Assistant United States Attorney Blaire Malkin handled the prosecution. The sentence was imposed by United States District Judge Robert C. Chambers.

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