Regional Wrap-up: Reynoldsville Mother Admits to Stealing Own Child’s Identity

Joanne Bauer

Joanne Bauer

Published January 1, 1970 12:00 am

A look at the top news stories in the region…

Reynoldsville Mother Admits to Stealing Own Child’s Identity
JEFFERSON COUNTY — According to sources, Racheal Susan Weisner, 38, of Reynoldsville, pleaded guilty in Elk County Court on Monday to stealing the identity of her own child, a minor, in order to open accounts with credit card, satellite television, and a variety of other companies and service providers. Weisner entered a plea of guilty to the offense of identity theft. Sources say Weisner used the Social Security number of her son, a minor, to open accounts with Capital One, Windstream, ZitoMedia, DirectTV, and Allegheny Power, and subsequently fell into delinquency on those accounts, owing $3,454.13. Weisner is currently maintained on parole supervision under the Jefferson County Court System.

New Castle Man Sentenced to 7 Years for Traveling to DC to Have Sex with Underaged Child
LAWRENCE COUNTY — John Bigley, 76, of New Castle, Pa., was sentenced on 3/31/12 to seven years’ inprisonment followed by seven years of supervised release in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia to one count of traveling interstate to engage in illicit sexual conduct. Bigley pled guilty to the charge in November 2011. According to a factual proffer of evidence presented during the court proceeding, between June 28, 2011, and July 19, 2011, an MPD member of the FBI’s Child Exploitation Task Force, who was operating undercover, communicated with the defendant by e-mail and telephone. During the course of the communications, Bigley expressed interest in meeting an underaged girl and engaging in sexual contact with the child. On July 18, 2011, and July 19, 2011, Bigley traveled from New Castle, where he lived, to a pre-arranged meeting place in Washington, D.C. When he arrived at the meeting time and place, he was arrested. Read the Full Story

Franklin Man Acquitted On Five Of Six Counts
VENANGO COUNTY — According to sources, Charles Boyd, 35, of Franklin, Pa., was convicted last week of a charge of reckless endangerment, but he was found not guilty on five other counts in a trial that stemmed from an alleged attack on a man which had reportedly involved the defendant and Dionte Odom, of Detroit, MI, in Franklin’s Third Ward last November. Both Boyd and Odom had been charged with a half-dozen counts in a reported attack on a third individual. Police had originally accused Boyd of threatening the alleged victim with a handgun. Sources say Boyd was found not guilty of charges including carrying an unlicensed firearm, the illegal possession of a weapon, making terroristic threats, and double counts of simple assault. Sentencing on the reckless endangerment conviction is scheduled for May 1, 2012.

85% of Legal Cases in Warren County Drug Related
WARREN COUNTY — According to Warren County Judge Maureen Skerda, approximately 85% of cases that enter the Warren County legal system involve drugs. Nationally, the number is about four out of every five cases. Additionally, Adult Probation Director Carl McKee says some of the offenses may not specify drugs, but around 80 percent of retail theft cases stem from the need to fund a drug habit. McKee related the story of one person on probation who recently traveled to Clarion County to buy Suboxone as he couldn’t get it at the right price locally. Read the Full Story

Ridgway Woman Reports Unwanted Physical Contact with Male
ELK COUNTY — According to sources, Ridgway-based State Police are investigating a case of harassment. Sources say 45-year-old Karen McMillen of St. Marys reported that she had unwanted physical contact with 44-year-old Robert Peterson of Ridgway while at Clarion Sintered Metals in Ridgway Township, Elk County.

Two Arrested for Passing Fake Money in Somerset
SOMERSET COUNTY — According to sources, two women have been arrested after they tried to buy electronics with bogus bills. Police say Kimberly Riddick and Tynita Bailey tried to buy an iPad and two digital cameras with the fake money at the Walmart in Somerset. Police say a third woman was with them but drove away after officials showed up at Walmart. According to sources, the third woman was spotted in a maroon Nissan with a Pennsylvania license plate: GKG-3667.

No Deep Injection Wells Planned for Jefferson County
JEFFERSON COUNTY — Acording to sources, county and state officials are expressing concerns about Jefferson County being a possible location for a deep injection well to dispose of waste water from natural gas drilling. Sources say, though, that House Speaker Sam Smith said at this time no waste water injection wells are planned.

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