State Capitol Fountain Goes “PINK” as PA First Ladies Kick-off Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Published October 2, 2012 4:30 am
State Capitol Fountain Goes “PINK” as PA First Ladies Kick-off Breast Cancer Awareness Month

 title=HARRISBURG, Pa. – Pennsylvania’s First Lady Susan Corbett was joined by former First Ladies Michele Ridge and Ellen Casey in an historic gathering kicking off Breast Cancer Awareness Month with the PA Breast Cancer Coalition.

Part of the day’s festivities included “COLOR IT PINK” that turned The State Capitol Fountain’s water pink for the month of October to remind all women of the importance of good breast health and the need for self exams, medical check-ups and mammograms. Over the years, the pink fountain has also become a beacon of hope for the hundreds of thousands of survivors across the Commonwealth that one day a cure will be found through research, thanks to the extraordinary support of the Governor and First Lady’s Offices and Department of General Services.

“With one in eight U.S. women getting breast cancer annually, even in our family, it is a privilege to join my esteemed colleagues to raise awareness and remind women and families across Pennsylvania of the importance of mammograms and early detection,” said Mrs. Corbett. “Tom and I know all too well the devastating impact this disease can have on the entire family and we recognize the critical need for additional research to eradicate breast cancer,” she added.

Also offering support to the PBCC 20th Anniversary Celebration kick off today are former First Lady Kathy Schweiker who was unable to attend, Department of General Services Secretary Sheri Phillips, and Leslie Anne Miller and Leslie Stiles who served as PBCC honorary chairs during the Rendell Administration.

“What an honor it is, and has been, working so closely with such talented, committed First Ladies and State leaders to fight this disease and truly offer hope and healing to survivors and families for nearly 20 years now, ” said PBCC Founder and President Pat Halpin-Murphy.

“Because 32 women each day in Pennsylvania will receive a breast cancer diagnosis, I am extremely proud that our collaborative efforts statewide have allowed the PBCC to touch so many lives and achieve this momentous milestone. Jointly, we have accomplished great victories for women and families while raising vital funding for research and enhancing outreach and education programs all across Pennsylvania,” added Halpin-Murphy.

For nearly 20 years, Pennsylvania’s First Ladies or their cabinet level designees have served as Honorary Chairs of the only statewide non-profit organization of its kind, the PA Breast Cancer Coalition, starting with Mrs. Casey. Their leadership critically aided in helping women attain better treatment, health insurance coverage and significantly raised awareness about this deadly disease that takes approximately 2,000 PA lives each year. Today marks the first time Pennsylvania’s First Ladies gathered together to once again provide their support and visibility to educate women on the importance of early detection, as part of the PBCC 20th Anniversary Kick-Off. Launching its anniversary celebration today, the PBCC will continue its commemorations throughout the coming year with the culmination of special events during Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2013.

“I applaud Mrs. Corbett, Mrs. Casey and Mrs. Schweiker along with the Rendell Administration and the PBCC and its valuable grassroots partners statewide for devoting such energy, determination and resources into the fight against breast cancer in Pennsylvania,” said Mrs. Ridge. “Together, we have fought to further preserve our precious families. Tom and I applaud the PBCC for their diligence to advance this meaningful cause.”

Each day, 32 women in Pennsylvania are diagnosed with breast cancer. Each year, more than 12,000 Pennsylvania women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. The PBCC’s mission is to help find a cure for breast cancer and to improve the quality of breast cancer education, research, programming and outreach in the state.

The PA Breast Cancer Coalition represents, supports and serves breast cancer survivors and their families in Pennsylvania through educational programming, legislative advocacy and breast cancer research grants. The PBCC is a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to finding a cure now…so our daughters won’t have to. For more information, please call 800-377-8828 or visit

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