Only Chicken Memories for Clarion KFC Fans

Ron Wilshire

Ron Wilshire

Published October 5, 2012 3:57 am
Only Chicken Memories for Clarion KFC Fans

There will only be memories of Colonel Sanders in Clarion for ALF this week and no KFC chicken.

 width=The Clarion site of the Krispy Krunchy Chicken and KFC is for sale after the recent closing of store. KFC restaurants in Brookville, DuBois and Clarion earlier this year closed and reopened as Krispy Krunchy Chicken after several disputes between the stores’ franchisee and KFC Corporate offices.

Rao’s Hospitality originally held 14 KFC franchises in Pennsylvania, including Clarion, but converted some of them to Krispy Krunchy Chicken.

According to a Clarion County source familiar with the situation, the original franchise agreement between Rao and KFC prohibited Rao from opening another store selling chicken for one year after the dissolution of the franchise agreement.  The non-compete clause led the most recent closing.

Kentucky Fried Chicken was the first fast food restaurant in Clarion Borough in 1971 and quickly developed a positive image in the community under the management of Robert and Marianne Cogley.  Burger Chef opened earlier in Clarion Township adjacent to Jamesway, now Trader Horn.


Many people in the Clarion area also have memories of visits from the real Colonel Harlan Sanders during the early 70s.  Both times the Colonel visited during Autumn Leaf Festival. His 1976 visit also saw him shake hands with Ronald McDonald who was also in town for the opening of Clarion McDonalds across Main Street from KFC.

Another photo from that era shows the Colonel walking on Main Street with the Clarion State College Marching Band Golden Girl and Head Majorette.  Ronald McDonald and the Colonel also took the baton from Dr. Stan Michalski to direct the band at the homecoming football game half time.   A video of the event was reportedly recorded but later erased accidently when another professor dubbed himself teaching a methods class.


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