Oberlander Focusing On Future Following Victory

Aly Delp

Aly Delp

Published November 11, 2018 5:50 am
Oberlander Focusing On Future Following Victory

CLARION CO., Pa. (EYT) — Representative Donna Oberlander is focused on the future following her successful campaign for reelection in Pennsylvania’s 63rd District.

Oberlander, who will be serving her sixth term, was pleased with the outcome of the election, not only due to her own victory, but because of how much it seemed to energize voters.

“I was very pleased with the turnout this year, which was great for a midterm election,” Oberlander told exploreClarion.com.

“I don’t know for certain — and I can only guess like everyone else — but, I think that the Kavanaugh hearings and the caravan and those kinds of issues really resonated with people and motivated people in our area, and that’s why they got out and voted the way they voted.”

Looking forward, Oberlander said she will continue to focus on the needs of the people of the 63rd District, working with Clarion County Economic Development and other officials to bring in new opportunities and expand existing businesses.

“There are some opportunities I see coming up that could be exciting for the area.”

Oberlander plans to continue working closely with U.S. Representative Glenn Thompson on a number of issues, including broadband connectivity in the region, as well as several agricultural issues. She has been working with the USDA state director on a number of opportunities in the energy sector.

She is also focused on continuing to work toward streamlining and creating more efficiency in permitting processes within the state.

“When businesses want to grow, we want them to be able to get those permits in a timely fashion so we can compete against neighboring states, and even nationally and globally. That’s really key,” explained Oberlander.

From a community perspective, Oberlander believes there are great opportunities ahead for the region in terms of education and training programs.

“We need to be able to partner and work together — government entities, schools, and educational facilities, including vocational programs — to make sure we can fill all of the upcoming job openings. I think that we’re at a nexus of a lot of things happening in a positive way.”

In terms of her current position, and what roles she may fill in the coming two years, things are still a little less certain.

Leadership positions and committee seats will be decided on Tuesday when the Pennsylvania House of Representatives returns to session. However, according to Oberlander, though some of her focus may change based on what committees she serves on and any possible leadership role she might take on, the needs of our region will always come first.

“The reality is no matter what happens on Tuesday, my priority will always be the 63rd District.”

“I’m really thankful for the opportunity to continue to serve and appreciate support and faith the people of the district have given me. It’s an honor, and I’m humbled to be allowed to serve two more years.”

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