Case Moves Forward Against Jail Yard Bully Accused of Repeatedly Stealing Inmate’s Breakfast, Assaulting Him

Aly Delp

Aly Delp

Published November 21, 2018 5:28 am
Case Moves Forward Against Jail Yard Bully Accused of Repeatedly Stealing Inmate’s Breakfast, Assaulting Him

PAINT TWP., Pa. (EYT) — The case against a Clarion County Jail inmate who allegedly assaulted another inmate multiple times, threatened him, and repeatedly stole his breakfast was transferred to plea court on Tuesday.

Court documents indicate the following charges against 34-year-old Jeremy David Carey, of Clarion, were held for court on Tuesday, November 20:

  • Simple Assault, Misdemeanor 2 (four counts)
  • Theft By Unlawful Taking-Movable Property, Misdemeanor 3
  • Terroristic Threats With Intent To Terrorize Another, Misdemeanor 1
  • Stalking — Repeatedly Commit Acts To Cause Fear, Misdemeanor 1

The charges have been transferred to the Clarion County Court of Common Pleas.

A second-degree felony count of Robbery — Inflict or Threaten Immediate Bodily Injury and one second-degree misdemeanor count of Simple Assault against Carey were dismissed.

Carey remains lodged in the Clarion County Jail.

Details of the case:

According to a criminal complaint filed at Judge Schill’s office, Deputy Warden Sprankle contacted Clarion County Chief Detective William V. Peck, IV, on Monday, September 3, to advise him of a physical assault involving two inmates. Deputy Warden Sprankle reported that inmate Jeremy Carey had been assaulting another inmate over an extended period of time, resulting in serious bruising.

According to the complaint, Chief Detective Peck spoke with the victim on September 6 at the jail.

The victim stated that for the past month to month-and-a-half, Carey had been assaulting him and bullying him. The victim said that Carey made him do things like wash his dishes and if he didn’t do these things “to Carey’s liking,” Carey would punch him in the arms. Carey also allegedly demanded that the victim give him his food or he would “blast him in the face.”

The victim reported that Carey hit him multiple times on the arms. Chief Detective Peck viewed the victim’s arms and observed “severe deep bruises” in the bicep area.

According to the complaint, the victim went on to say that on the evening of Saturday, September 1, Carey told him that he needed his breakfast tray in the morning or he was going to “hurt him” and “blast him in the face.” The victim said that he felt threatened by Carey and complied the next morning.

The victim said that another inmate reported the situation on Sunday, September 2, and the jail began an internal investigation. At this point, Carey was removed from the cellblock and placed on lockdown.

Chief Detective Peck also interviewed three other inmates who were witnesses to the assaults, one of which was also a victim of an alleged assault at the hands of Carey.

According to the complaint, the first witness told Chief Detective Peck that he saw Carey punch the victim on the arms several times. The witness also said that on Saturday, September 1, he overheard Carey tell the victim, “You may as well give me your breakfast tray in the morning or I’m gonna hit ya.” He also observed Carey taking the victim’s breakfast tray the next morning.

The witness stated that he and another inmate shared their meals with the victim that morning, so he would have something to eat, and went on to say that Carey had recently made similar threats to him. Carey allegedly demanded his food and said he would beat him up or kill him if he didn’t comply. The witness stated that Carey has never hit him, but he saw Carey strike the victim and a second victim in the mouth two weeks earlier.

The second witness told Chief Detective Peck that he saw the victim being assaulted by Carey on three or four occasions. He also stated that he heard Carey tell the victim if he did not give up his breakfast tray in the morning, he was going to beat him up.

According to the complaint, the second witness said that he was tired of seeing the victim being assaulted and reported the incident to a guard.

The third witness said he had seen Carey assault the victim at least three times and noted that he also saw Carey take the victim’s food tray. Additionally, he told Chief Detective Peck that he had also been assaulted by Carey.

According to the complaint, the third witness stated that he was talking to another inmate in late August when Carey told him to shut up. He said that when he didn’t stop talking, Carey punched him in the mouth, causing a cut inside his lip.

Chief Detective Peck attempted to interview Carey; however, Carey declined to be interviewed without an attorney present.

In a separate case, one third-degree felony charge of Failure to Verify Address or Photograph as Required filed against Carey on October 26 was also held for court on Tuesday, November 20.

According to the Megan’s Law website, Carey was convicted of attempted criminal sexual conduct third degree on January 5, 2004.

His registration began on September 16, 2005.

Carey has a criminal history in Clarion County dating back to 2006. He is currently awaiting a criminal conference scheduled for Wednesday, December 12, related to two cases from earlier this year, one on charges related to a meth bust, and another on burglary charges stemming from an incident in Sligo.

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