Julie Reagle Selected as MST Program Manager of Region’s New In-Home Psychiatric Treatment Program for Youth

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Published November 29, 2023 5:30 am
Last Updated: April 8, 2024 9:54 am
Julie Reagle Selected as MST Program Manager of Region’s New In-Home Psychiatric Treatment Program for Youth

Julie Reagle, Program Manager of MHY Family Services (MHY) is leading the new Multisystemic Therapy-Psychiatric Care team providing critical behavioral and mental health in-home treatment to youth in Clarion, Forest, and Warren Counties.

Julie has lived a life of service, which includes missionary work with her parents, who are both counselors. Julie earned a bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication and Theater and began working for a rape crisis center in Clarion. This work gave Julie clarity about her strengths and passion for improving the lives of others.

Julie’s work history includes helping people with drug and alcohol addiction and supporting delinquent and at-risk youth. Often Julie was asked if she was afraid of those she was serving. Julie always answered “I was never afraid. I just see broken and vulnerable people who need help.”

A few years ago, Julie saw an ad for MHY’s Multisystemic Therapy program (MST), an evidence-based behavioral health treatment program for youth and families, and was immediately interested in the therapist position. She liked that MHY provided training, professional growth opportunities, and supervision and was impressed with the organization’s history of successful outcomes. Her biggest question about the job was the need to work a flexible schedule.

Julie remembers thinking as a mother of six, I could not manage a job that could impact all weekends and evenings. MHY connected her with other MHY Therapists who shared their experience with the flexible work schedule. She soon realized that flexibility was a huge benefit in her life. Julie shared that she did not miss a soccer game and she could easily schedule appointments or teacher conferences during the day.

Promoted to Program Manager of MHY Family Service’s newest MST-Psych Care team in Clarion, Forest, and Warren Counties, Julie is ready to get started.

“MST is in my blood–meeting kids where they are, working with families, helping to problem-solve is my passion. MST-Psych works. It works because we come into the home as the behavior experts; they are the experts of their family, and we work together. Families have told me that this treatment has changed their lives. I received a card from a child after he successfully finished his treatment and it said, ‘I will always never give up.’ That is MST.”

For more information about MHY Family Services visit https://mhyfamilyservices.org/.

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