Zack’s Farm to Table Restaurant Transitioning to Catering Services; Made-from-Scratch Food Continues

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Published February 22, 2024 4:49 am
Zack’s Farm to Table Restaurant Transitioning to Catering Services; Made-from-Scratch Food Continues

NEW BETHLEHEM, Pa. (EYT) – The transition to catering for Zack’s Farm to Table Restaurant is easy for owner Zack Blose. The food business is his passion.

(Pictured above: Zack Blose on right with Christopher, his assistant at a catering event.)

Zack Blose, owner and founder of Zack’s Restaurant, told, “I got into food service because I love food. I love cooking. I love serving people, and I’m still doing that. That’s still my job!”

The focal point for Zack’s Farm to Table restaurant was farm-fresh, made-from-scratch food.


Zack has been known to be super picky about his ingredients, so customers never found anything frozen, out of a bag, microwaved, or packed full of preservatives, with most meats and produce sourced locally as well as the wine and bread they serve.

Rather than entering an eighth year of running his restaurant, Zack is opting to move toward catering also using farm-fresh, made-from-scratch food.

At the end of October 2023, Zack began the transition when he announced that his restaurant was going on a seasonal break.

One of the contributing factors to the transition is the location of the restaurant, according to Zack.

“The volume of business that we have in New Bethlehem is pretty low in the wintertime,” he explained.

He added that a portion of the restaurant’s revenue was from tourists.

“The Rails to Trail brings in a lot of people, and we also would get a lot of travelers who would come up from the city or more densely populated areas to go to camp in the summer or holiday.”

In August 2016, the restaurant started in a small remodeled house as a takeout-only pizza shop. After quickly outgrowing that space, Zack moved to the restaurant’s current location and expanded the menu.

Once Zack started offering farm-to-table menu options, the dine-in business took off. He said he drew the inspiration from places he previously worked.


“I guess I always kind of knew that ‘farm to table’ had potential in our area. Probably a decade ago, I was working at a restaurant, and I just kept thinking it was a great place for supporting local farms by offering farm-fresh food.”

With the number of local farms and his experience in the restaurant business, Zack saw it to be a perfect fit.

“I kept my standards pretty high when it came to the quality of food that I served. I ran a from-scratch kitchen and didn’t really use too much pre-fabricated food out of a box or anything like that.”

Zack established the farm-to-table concept in the area, sourced locally, and made great connections. He had great support from the community with his new venture and efforts as a small business owner.

“The loyal community and area customers that supported us each and every week are the real heroes that kept my restaurant going, and I will miss seeing them on a regular basis.”

Even though his restaurant is closed, the farm-to-table network that Zack created with local farmers and food producers will still play a huge role in the catering business.



“While I am transitioning to a catering business, the concept of farm-fresh, made-from-scratch will continue. I plan to use my space to host events…Anything you can think of, we can cater it. Being that I do everything from scratch, my menus are totally customizable, and I work with people on their budgets to get everybody what they want.”

The catering service can be used for all types of events, from birthday parties to weddings and everything in between, Zack said.

“We’re just a phone call away even if you need something small. Recently, I took an order for a couple of small food trays. Something as small as that is just a simple phone call away. Tell us what you need, and we’ll make it happen.”


Zack also has a food truck and plans to do some pop-up events.

“The food truck will be my best outlet for farm-to-table food this year. I plan to schedule some dates at Mechanistic Brewing and some other local spots. I also hope to get into a fair or two.”

“The food’s still going to taste great. It’s still a passion thing for me,” he emphasized.

Zack’s Farm to Table is located at 301 Wood Street, in New Bethlehem, Pa.

For more information, visit


Melissa Blose, Events Coordinator & Catering Sales Manager, displaying a homemade dessert!

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