County Commissioners Extend Reassessment Process One Year to 2025

Ron Wilshire

Ron Wilshire

Published March 13, 2024 10:00 am
County Commissioners Extend Reassessment Process One Year to 2025

 width=CLARION, Pa. (EYT) – At their Tuesday morning meeting, Clarion County Commissioners approved a one-year extension of the countywide reassessment project, revising the certification date from November 15, 2024, to November 15, 2025. As a result, the new countywide tax base will be used to levy real property taxes for 2026.

(Pictured above: County Commissioners Braxton White, Wayne Brosius, and Ted Tharan.)

“We are extending the project deadline by one year for all the major timeline features, and Vision Government Solutions, Inc. will not charge the county additional fees,” Clarion County Commissioner Chair Wayne Brosius explained.

The expected response to the County’s Clean & Green program launch is a significant determining factor in extending the project.

Up to 10,000 properties will be eligible to enroll in Clean & Green, and the extended project timeline will give property owners more time to review the program and determine whether it is suitable for them. With the extension, property owners will have until mid-October 2025 to review and enroll in the program.

This is Clarion County’s first year participating in the state’s Clean and Green program.

What is “Clean and Green”?

Pennsylvania Farmland and Forest Land Assessment Act 319 of 1974 (as amended) is a state law authorized by the Pennsylvania Constitution that allows qualifying land devoted to agricultural and forest land use to receive a preferential assessment. Property owners with land of 10 acres or more in size may be eligible for the Clean and Green program. Land tracts of less than 10 acres in size and actively producing an agricultural commodity may also be eligible.

The Clean and Green program reduces tax by permitting a “use value” to be assessed to qualifying land instead of “market value.” Property owners may learn more about this program by visiting the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s website.

The County will hold informational sessions on Clean & Green throughout 2024 to better inform the public of the program.

Additional information on the reassessment process is available on Clarion County’s Reassessment website: If you have questions about the reassessment project or need further information, please get in touch with the Clarion County Assessment Office at 814-226-4000 or 814-297-7980 or 7981.

“It’s all being delayed to get more time, especially with the Clean & Green program being new in Clarion County this year, to give people more time to look into that and see what they want to do with it,” Brosius said. “The extension also gives us a little more time to review all the applications. It will also be a lot of work in the registered recorder’s office.”

Brosius continued, “I think data collection is pretty much completed.  Letters went out recently asking people to mail back their corrections in assessments. A lot of corrections needed to be made. But that was all planned because they didn’t go inside anybody’s house. This is the opportunity for the homeowner to fill in that information, specifically on how many bedrooms and such.”

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