Dead Body Found in Shallow Waters Near Allegheny River

Gavin Fish

Gavin Fish

Published February 25, 2024 1:58 pm
Dead Body Found in Shallow Waters Near Allegheny River

 width=VENANGO COUNTY, Pa. (EYT) —  A deceased body was discovered near the Allegheny River in Venango County on Saturday.

(Photo above: stock image.)

The body was found near the area of Sage Run and the Wye Bridge in Oil City.

Venango County Coroner Christina Rugh confirmed the discovery to

“I’m not releasing any information at this time, other than to verify a deceased individual was found in Oil City (on Saturday),” said Rugh. “I have not spoken to his family yet. Respecting them is my first priority.”

Rugh stated information will be released following the notification to the decedent’s family.

A photo of the scene captured by an unknown person who purportedly made the discovery was widely circulated by text message and social media Saturday afternoon. The photo depicts a young man, possibly in his late teens or 20’s, lying on his back in about six inches of water near a rocky shoreline. His arms are held outward with hands clasped. His knees are bent.

The decedent in the photograph appears to be in full rigor mortis, which is a stiffening of the body that is typically fully set-in approximately 12 hours after death and disappears after 24 to 36 hours under normal circumstances, according to testimony that Coroner Rugh gave in the preliminary hearing of Trevaughn Stribling-Jackson earlier this month.

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