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SPONSORED: Randy & Bob’s Auto Body Offers Tips for Safe Driving During the Holidays

Friday, November 8, 2019 @ 12:11 AM

Posted by Explore Clarion

randy-and-bobs-CAR CARGORandy & Bob’s Auto Body Offers Tips for Safe Driving During the Holidays.

Whether you’re on the road to grandmother’s house or just heading to the mall for some last-minute shopping, it’s smart to take a few precautions to prevent the holiday headache of an accident.

The experts on holiday driving accidents, Randy & Bob’s Auto Body, repairs thousands of vehicles each year damaged in snowy, icy accidents. Natalie Clark, Marketing Manager at Randy & Bob’s, offers drivers some helpful tips to make holiday driving safer.

Keep In Mind:

  • Check your route: Look up road conditions in advance to know if there will be any delays
  • Stay in touch: Bring a cell phone in case of emergencies
  • Turn down the Jingle Bells: Reduce distractions such as loud music
  • Don’t invite theft: Presents in the back seat are more inviting than cookies and milk for Santa. Lock them in the trunk to prevent break-ins
  • Take a break: If you are traveling a distance, take breaks or even a quick nap at a rest stop to stay alert
  • Protect yourself: Always wear a seatbelt
  • Don’t Text and Drive: Texting and driving can not only potentially harm you and your family but other drivers. Keep the phone stored for emergencies. When it is necessary to send a message, safely pull to the side first

Check Your Visibility:

  • Fill your fluids: Add de-icer to your windshield wiper fluid
  • Update your wipers: Make sure your windshield wipers are free of ice before heading out on the road – and consider updating with new flexible windshield wipers before the snow hits
  • Check your visibility: Make sure all mirrors are clear and properly adjusted
  • Look at your lights: Clean hazed headlights and check bulbs in all of your vehicle lights – front and rear

Slow Down and Stay Back:

  • Watch out for holiday revelers: Some drivers may consume a few beverages before hitting the roadways. Remain alert and watch other drivers in case they begin to swerve
  • Keep it slow: When there is snow or ice on the ground, drop your speed 10 to 20 MPH below the speed limit
  • Allow some space: Leave at least two to three additional car lengths between your vehicle and the car in front of you
  • Cruise with caution: Do not use cruise control on icy roads
  • Stay alert to the surface: Use caution on bridges, overpasses, and infrequently traveled roads because these may be slippery from ice and use extra caution when driving on one-lane roads

Prepare for a Snow Day:

  • Weight it out: If your vehicle has rear wheel drive, put bags of sand, or kitty litter to help keep your vehicle easier to control
  • Stock up on supplies: Pack a snow day kit just in case you get stuck. Important items to include are a blanket, gloves, hat, water, granola bars, flashlight and extra batteries, extra cell phone battery, flares, compass, scissors, rope, wooden matches in waterproof container and first aid kit.
  • Take your tools: Prepare a toolbox for digging your car out with foldable shovel, 2×4 planks to put under tires, ice scraper and snow brush, reflective triangles, flares and exterior windshield cleaner

You can never be too careful when driving in holiday traffic and in winter weather. Accidents can happen so quickly on slick, icy roads, so slowing down and taking the extra precautions can really make the difference. An accident is never easy to deal with but having an accident during the holidays can really put a cramp in the holiday cheer. An extra measure of safety is always the perfect present during the yuletide season.

If the unfortunate holiday accident does occur, Randy & Bob’s recommends having a collision plan in place, so you aren’t stranded on the roadside waiting for assistance. Randy & Bob’s Auto Body offers high-quality, reliable repair service in Butler County and its surrounding areas. Just call Randy & Bob’s when you have an accident and they will help you every step of the way.

Randy & Bob’s Auto Body is located at 1120 Oneida Valley Road, Chicora, PA 16025

For more information, call 724-282-2933 or visit

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